Ever wondered what leads someone to hold another human captive? Why would they do it? What urges drive a person to take another as a possession? What is the motivation to enact one of the most heinous crimes imaginable? Who commits these crimes?

Every so often we are presented with another shocking case, all by their very nature are incredibly complex. Without following these cases closely it is easy to get lost in the speculation, confused with the detail, or left wondering as lose ends are never tied off as the media moves onto the next story.

Some cases are well known, like that of Elisabeth Fritzl, Jaycee Dugard, and Natascha Kampusch. Josef Fritzl held his daughter in a basement dungeon for 24 years, creating an incestuous family, living two lives. But, there are many other cases that almost evade the public eye. While Elisabeth’s story is traumatic, she is far from alone. David Bisson spent his childhood locked in a cupboard, while his mother denied his existence. Under the ice covered grounds of Russia, a copycat kidnapper aimed to recreate Alexander Komin’s vision of an underground city of slaves. James Jamelske got away with holding five women captive over 15 years, before anyone would believe their stories.

Captive Humans explores the true crime cases of people held captive, examining the stories in a chronological order. These cases present the facts; you can draw your own conclusions.

Come into the dark, hard places and explore the secretive world of Captive Humans.