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Kyle Ramirez

Witnesses watched as an almost naked boy dropped over a fence and stumbled through the car park. Covered in an array of wounds and injuries, the gaunt boy carried a chain, still locked around his ankle. Not turning back, he could sense his captors weren’t too far behind.

Susan “Genie” Wiley

Susan Wiley is more famously known as “Genie.” She suffered some of the worst child abuse recorded in the history of the United States. Held captive in a bedroom, her cruel father deprived her of all social stimulation, before she was thrust into the public spotlight, and under the gaze of researchers and academics.

Elizabeth Smart

In the Western United States, two very different worlds collided. Wealth and poverty. Community and social outcasts. Clean living and depravity. An urgent call-to-arms ignited a desperate search for a kidnapped teenage girl in America’s Mormon heartland.

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