Susan “Genie” Wiley



Susan Wiley is more famously known as “Genie.” She suffered some of the worst child abuse recorded in the history of the United States. Held captive in a bedroom, her cruel father deprived her of all social stimulation, before she was thrust into the public spotlight, and under the gaze of researchers and academics.

Lead up to Crime

Susan Wiley

Susan “Genie” Wiley

Susan’s father, Clark Wiley, came from a dysfunctional background. He was teased relentlessly while growing up because he was given the same birth name as his mother, Pearl Wiley. Raised by a mother who managed a bordello, Clark discovered her with clients. His father was killed when struck by lightning.

Clark worked as an aircraft mechanic, and married Dorothy “Irene” Oglesby in 1944. He was 20 years older than his wife and he never wanted children. Clark suffered mental instability, while Irene was partially blind. Their marriage was littered with domestic violence, which would see Irene hospitalised. They would have four children, but not all would survive.

Their first child, Dorothy Irene Wiley, was born on June 2, 1948, and named after her mother. When Dorothy was around 10-weeks old, Clark wrapped the crying infant in a blanket and placed her in a dresser drawer in the garage, resulting in her death.

Their second child, Robert Clark Wiley, was born a year later on September 15, 1949. He died two days later, it was reported he choked on his own mucus. It has been suspected that Clark caused his son’s death.

John Gray Wiley, their third child, was born on March 11, 1952. At four years of age he went to live with his grandmother, Pearl Martin, after mother Irene was institutionalised. At age six, Pearl took John out for an ice cream. In a hit-and-run, she was struck by a pick-up truck and killed. John returned to live with his parents. Clark blamed his son for his mother’s death.



Clark, Irene and baby John Wiley

Pearl with her grandson John Wiley
Pearl with her grandson John Wiley

The family moved into Pearl’s small two-bedroom house at 6722 North Golden West Avenue, Temple City, Los Angeles, California. (The property is located two houses from the town line — situated just inside Temple City — but is often listed with an Arcadia postal address.) Clark’s mother’s bedroom remained untouched, left as a shrine.

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Susan M., was the fourth of the Wiley children, was born on April 18, 1957.

Held Captive

In late 1958, when Susan was 20 months old, a doctor told her father the girl was mildly retarded and should be protected from the world. Clark Wiley took this to the extreme, locking her in the remaining bedroom of the house. For years Clark slept in an armchair in the living room, with a gun on his lap, as Irene slept at the dining table, and John slept on the floor. Clark rarely allowed the family to leave and forced them to live in the darkened house, with the blinds constantly drawn.


The Wiley House

Susan spent her time strapped to a potty chair, often overnight. She was housed in a cot, caged in with chicken wire. She was restrained in a homemade straightjacket sown by Irene, and slept tied up in a tattered sleeping bag. When Susan made a noise she was beaten, barked or growled at by her father. Her mother, Irene, and brother, John, also suffered punishments at the hands of Clark; he often treated them violently, or threatened them with his gun collection. No one was allowed to visit or talk to Susan, who remained trapped in a dingy room, with the windows covered in foil.

Fed on a diet of pablum (a processed cereal for infants’ that contains vitamin D) and soft foods, Susan never learned to chew solids. She suffered from malnutrition and her body failed to grow at an average rate.

In his armchair, Clark rested with a gun across his lap, leaving Irene and John in a constant state of fear. John attended school, keeping the family secret, avoiding gym classes because of his bruised and swollen genitalia, a result of being regularly beaten by his father with a wooden plank. Clark beat Susan with the same plank.

Susan learned only limited words, such as “stop it” and “no more,” basic phrases to protest her father’s atrocities.

Neighbours thought the Wiley family were “strange people who kept to themselves.”  Others claimed they saw the girl sitting on the porch, while most claimed to know nothing of Susan’s existence.

John ran away at 18 years of age to escape his father. Irene soon did the same and fled to her mother’s house with Susan. Susan had been held captive for 12 years.


Irene left her mother’s house in Monterey Park on November 4, 1970, intending to visit the Temple City welfare office to seek blind assistance payments. However, she accidently attended the County Department of Public Social Services, where a welfare worker noticed something wasn’t right with Susan. She moved with a “bunny walk,” her legs deformed from being strapped to the potty. She looked around eight years old, she could not speak, her hands extended claw-like, and she still wore diapers.

Irene Wiley applied for welfare and a worker attended her home. The worker enquired about Susan’s age and discovered the girl was 13-years-old. The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department was contacted.

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By David Phoebe

Marc Dutroux

 Charleroi, Hainaut – BELGIUM.


Marc Dutroux became known as “The Monster of Belgium,” a psychopath who preyed on young females. His arrest would shock Belgium society, resulting in the largest protest the country had ever witnessed, almost overthrowing the Government. Failures by the justice system allowed Dutroux to leave behind a trail of bodies and shattered lives.

Lead up to Crime

Marc Dutroux mugshot

Marc Dutroux mugshot

Marc Dutroux grew up with a domineering mother and abusive father, experiencing a loveless childhood with many violent beatings. His parents were both school teachers who displayed egotistical traits, which were passed on to their son. After their separation in 1971, Marc Dutroux left home at 15 and grew into a petty criminal and a teenage prostitute, surviving by servicing older men. Dutroux established a long criminal history: involving stolen luxury cars, muggings, and drug dealing. The unemployed electrician amassed seven houses through the proceeds of crime and benefit fraud.

In 1986 Dutroux and Michelle Martin, school teacher, were convicted for the abduction and rape of five girls. In 1989 Dutroux was sentenced to 13 years for his crimes. Martin received a sentence of five years.

Michelle Martin was Dutroux’s mistress, their affair causing the breakup of his marriage from his first wife, which separated him from his two children. Dutroux married Martin in a prison ceremony in 1989, and they went on to have three children together. Belgium police described Michelle Martin as a masochistic woman, who never turned away from her husband’s crimes.

Dutroux was released in 1992, after serving only three years. During his parole Dutroux continued to commit further offences. His houses were left mostly unoccupied, and he constructed two dungeons at different locations so he could resume his sadistic crime spree. The parole board would receive a letter, penned by Dutroux’s mother, warning authorities that she believed her son was holding young girls captive in the basement of one of his houses. The letter was ignored.

Held Captive

Mélissa Russo and Julie Lejeune

On June 24, 1995, two eight-year-old girls, Mélissa Russo and Julie Lejeune, were kidnapped in Grâce-Hollogne, 90 kilometres (56 miles) northeast of Charleroi, Belgium. The pair was held in the house owned by Dutroux and Martin, at Route de Philippeville 128, in the Charleroi suburb of Marcinelle. The girls were repeatedly raped and tortured, their abuse recorded on video.

Julie Lejeune was kidnapped, raped and murdered by Marc Dutroux, accompanied by his wife Michelle Martin.

Mélissa Russo was one of Dutroux first murder victims. He had raped several young girls already and served time.

Mélissa Russo was one of Dutroux first murder victims. He had raped several young girls already and served prison time.


An Marchal and Eefje Lambrecks

On August 22, 1995, An Marchal, 17, and Eefje Lambrecks, 19, were holidaying with friends in Blankenberge on the Belgium coast, 163 kilometres (100 miles) northwest of Charleroi. For An it was her first time away without her parents and a step towards adult independence. The pair went missing after participating in a hypnotist show at Casino Blankenberge, kidnapped by Dutroux and his accomplice Michel Lelièvre.

Dead after participating hypnotism

An Marchal, dead after participating hypnotism show at Casino Blankenberge.

Found under a garden shed.

Found under a garden shed.


Sabine Dardenne

On May 28, 1996, Sabine Dardenne, 12, was riding to school when she was pulled into a van and kidnapped by Dutroux. His accomplice, homeless heroin addict, Michel Lelièvre, assisted him.

Sabine was driven to the house in the decaying industrial heartland of Charleroi, and carried inside in a metal trunk. She was drugged, had a collar fixed around her neck, and was chained to a bed in an upstairs room. Dutroux told Sabine her parents had refused to pay her ransom, and it was his duty to kill her. Instead, he claimed, he was now protecting her and keeping her alive. In return for his protection, he told Sabine, she must provide him with favours. He repeatedly raped her.

Captured by Marc Dutroux at 12 years old. She would be found alive.

Captured by Marc Dutroux at 12 years old. She would be found alive.


Laetitia Delhez

On August 9, 1996, Laetitia Delhez, 14, was abducted after leaving a swimming pool. She was dragged into a white van. A local resident recorded details of the van and the number plate. It belonged to Marc Dutroux.

Sabine had been held for 72 days, and when Dutroux delivered Laetitia, he said to her, “Look what I’ve done for you.” He followed her request that he bring her a friend.

Laetitia was imprisoned in the basement with Sabine, where Dutroux would abuse both girls while he filmed the assaults.

Laetitia Delhez was 12 years old when kidnapped.

Laetitia Delhez was 12 years old when kidnapped.

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Elizabeth Smart



In the Western United States, two very different worlds collided. Wealth and poverty. Community and social outcasts. Clean living and depravity. An urgent call-to-arms ignited a desperate search for a kidnapped teenage girl in America’s Mormon heartland.

Lead up to Crime

Brian Mitchell after his arrest.

Brian Mitchell after his arrest.

Brian David Mitchell preferred the name Immanuel, and followed what he believed was his divine path as a prophet. Wearing white robes and a long beard, he set out on a pilgrimage through the streets of Utah, preaching and helping the homeless.

Brian Mitchell came from a strict Mormon home, littered with familial mental illness and a father who housed his own prophetic delusions. At age 16, he was convicted for sexually exposing himself to a toddler and was sentenced to a juvenile detention centre.

After the break up of his first marriage, he kidnapped his two children and hid in New Hampshire, before returning them to the legal custody of their mother. Mitchell’s second wife, Deborah, accused him of molesting their 18-month-old child and his two teenaged stepdaughters. The incidents were reported to police and to their church, but no action was taken by either organisation. Deborah also claimed the relationship was abusive and controlling.

Wanda Barzee after her arrest.

Wanda Barzee after her arrest.

Mitchell’s all encapsulating religious fervour saw his two marriages fail. In 1985 he took a third wife, Wanda Eileen Barzee. Barzee was a manipulative and abusive woman, who turned away her children when they reached their teens. Her cruelty saw her serve up her unwitting children their pet rabbit for dinner.

Brian Mitchell and Wanda Barzee were members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Utah. After their increasingly bizarre behaviour and their fixation on Satanism, they were excommunicated in 2001. Now homeless for nearly a decade and begging on the streets, Mitchell and Barzee were known as an eccentric couple, nicknamed “Joseph and Mary” because of their robes. Barzee now adopted the name “God Adorneth.”

Brian and Wanda Mitchell when still members of the church.

Brian and Wanda Mitchell when still members of the church.

Mitchell met Lois Smart and her daughter, Elizabeth, as he panhandled at Crossroads Plaza in Salt Lake City. Lois hired Mitchell to work around their yard, and fix their roof, for five hours in November 2001. It was then that he began formulating his plan to kidnap Elizabeth.

In preparation, Mitchell set up several campsites around Dry Creek Canyon, in order to hide out and remain mobile to avoid detection. His campsites contained hidden knives and holes dug in the ground to hide from thermal imaging helicopters and to use as campfires pit. One campsite contained an altar.

He believed it was God’s will that he should take 49 additional wives, and Elizabeth would become his second. Seven months after his first visit to the Smart residence, Brian Mitchell returned.

Held Captive

Elizabeth Smart was born into a wealthy Mormon family, the second of six children; her father a real estate and mortgage broker. In the early morning of June 5, 2002, Mitchell used a garden chair to climb through the kitchen window of the Smart’s home at 1509 Kristianna Circle, Federal Heights, Salt Lake City, Utah. He made his way to Elizabeth’s bedroom, where he abducted the 14-year-old at knifepoint.

“I have a knife to your neck. Don’t make a sound. Get up and come with me,” Elizabeth recalled Mitchell saying.


kidnapped poster

Her frightened sister pretended to be asleep in the bed they shared. He marched Elizabeth six-and-a-half kilometres (4 miles) into the forest and to an established campsite. With the police quickly alerted to the abduction, the pair hid in bushes as a patrol car cruised passed.

At the campsite Mitchell burnt Elizabeth’s red pyjamas, made her don white robes, and performed a wedding ceremony. Holding her down, Mitchell asked Barzee for confirmation, before raping Elizabeth.

For two months Elizabeth was tied to a tree and hidden under a lean-to constructed from branches. She was forced to remain naked and was raped daily. Elizabeth tried to escape but Mitchell dragged her back to the campsite, and told her an angel would cut her down if she made another escape attempt. He also threatened to kill her and her family. Believing Mitchell would murder her, Elizabeth requested her body be left out in the open, so her family would not think she had run away. Mitchell replied, “I’m not going to do that to you yet.”

Despite the Mormon religion forbidding alcohol, Mitchell forced Elizabeth to drink liquor and smoke marijuana with him several times a week. During these sessions she did not eat, to allow the intoxicants to have greater effect, so she would not be sober when he abused her, and to help her to forget.

A teacher had told Elizabeth’s class that people who had premarital sex were likened to a piece of chewed gum. Elizabeth recalled the lecture in May 2013: “Imagine you’re a stick of gum, and when you engage in sex, that is like being chewed. When you do that lots of times, you’re going to become an old piece of gum. And who’s going to want you after that?”

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