Kevin Davies



Kevin Davies as a lad, aged 15 years.

Kevin Davies as a lad, aged 15 years.

When a young boy kicked a football over a neighbour’s garden fence, he could not have comprehended what was occurring on the other side. As he peered over to search for his ball, he was slammed with a barrage of swearing and screaming. He had no idea what secret his aggressive neighbours were protecting. On the other side, Kevin Davies was in desperate need of help that was unlikely to arrive.

Lead up to Crime

Kevin Davies, a 29-year-old epileptic handyman, moved into a house with Amanda Baggus, 26, a former care assistant, David Lehane, 36, and their nine-year-old son. The house is located on a well-kept estate on Badgers Way in the township of Bream, Gloucestershire, in southwest England, near the River Severn, with a population of just 2,600.

Baggus, Lehane and Andrews police mugshots

Baggus, Lehane and Andrews police mugshots

The Badgers Way house is positioned in a cul-de-sac, nestled along the winding roads that cut through the rolling hills in the Forest of Dean. Double story brick homes line the roads, all similar in style, not standing out from their neighbours. On long summer nights the local lads play football on the road, far from the dangers of traffic. The quiet hilltop setting awards views of a rich green valley and farmland. However, the idyllic country way of life was already deteriorating as unemployment, drugs, and daytime drinking took root throughout the English countryside.

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Within the township of Bream, Baggus and Lehane were known for their wayward behaviour, “hillbillies” they were called, and many people avoided them.

Kevin Davies had previously moved to Bream from a nearby town after the council re-housed him, and having no friends he took to Baggus and Lehane. The trio began drinking together. Kevin worked at David Lehane’s illegal backyard mechanic operation, and as a handyman who also cleaned the yards of the elderly.

Kevin’s father died in March 2006. During this period, Baggus, and those in her company, were putting pressure on the intellectually impaired Davies in order to take advantage of his social security benefits.

Kevin announced to his mother that he was giving up his council flat — he was now technically homeless. She sensed at this time something was wrong, but she knew her son was a free spirit who would roam the country hills, and did not think she should intervene.

Due to his father’s death just two months earlier, and encouraged by his new circle of friends, Kevin began drinking heavily. He needed a placed to stay. He was offered the shed down the side of the Badgers Way house.

The friendship then took a dangerous turn. When Baggus was driving her Reliant Robin three-wheeled vehicle, the car became unbalanced and suffered damage. Baggus blamed Davies, claiming he had opened the door too early, causing the car to overturn. Even though Davies had already handed over his benefits to Baggus and was working for Lehane, he was also expected to pay for the damage by working around the house.

From May 27, 2006, Kevin Davies was effectively taken as a slave.

Held Captive

Kevin Davies was confined to a homemade shed, constructed from old building materials and positioned against a fence. Along with being forced to complete daily chores, Kevin had to endure extreme humiliation, daily beatings, and was treated like a dog. On one occasion, a cross was branded into Kevin’s buttocks with a knife, on another occasion he was forced to drink weed killer.

Scott Andrews, 27, moved into the Badgers Way residence in July 2006. He became aware Kevin was being held captive in the shed. Rather than helping Kevin, Andrews participated in the attacks. He moved out of the house on September 7, 2006.

Amanda Baggus decided to keep a diary and video recordings of the events while Kevin was held in the garden shed for over four months. In her diary she recorded how he would plead for help, and described him with disdain as she detailed how he was tortured. The shocking video captured a weak and frightened Davies appearing in what can only be described as a “hostage-style video,” with a black curtain used to block out distinguishing features of the house.

Kevin Davies crying as he is tortured.

Kevin Davies videotaped, crying while he is tortured.


Baggus’s diary revealed more of her sadistic nature . . .

By David Phoebe.

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